Sunday, October 9, 2011


Who would have known that learning your colors could be this much fun?  We got really hands-on by experimenting with mixing colors.  We used shaving cream and paint to blend primary colors to make new colors.  We got messy, learned a ton, and had a blast!

The kids also enjoyed spraying water on their art work to watch it smear and blend. 

The highlight of our 'Color theme' week would have to be making colored milk bubbles.  We put the food coloring of each child's choice in cups of milk and had the kids blow colorful bubbles that overflowed to create a cool design.  The students were so cute laughing and giggling and loved trying to make their bubble tower the tallest.   


Here we're showing off our colorful painted yarn art project.

For a fun gross motor activity we filled plastic jugs with colored water and had the children carry each bottle across the yard and place it on a sheet of matching colored paper.  We had fun racing each other. 

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  1. Great meeting you today. It's amazing what you've done! I am definitely interested in seeing what you may have going on in the fall. My e-mail is I'm sure we will see you around!