Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barnyard theme

For our literacy center we labeled plastic egg halves with lower and uppercase letters.  The students matched the letters to make an egg and then put each egg into an egg carton. 

For Science, we put eggs into different liquids such as water, kool aid, vinegar, and cola. We then watched the effect the different liquids had on each egg over the week.  Water had little effect after 3 days, where as the vinegar had nearly eaten away all of the hard shell and left a squishy goo-ball the kids loved to play with.  Our favorite were the kool aid eggs.  The sugar crystallized to make cool patterns we all enjoyed.  

We got practice milking cows by using milk filled rubber gloves that were pricked with a needle.  It took patience to fill our bucket, but we all had fun pretending they were real cows. 

I had each child cover their eyes as I selected a different animal hat and placed it on their head.  I then gave them several scientific facts about their animal until they could guess it correctly.

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