Monday, September 26, 2011

"All About Me" Week

The "All About Me" theme was perfect for our second week.  We had fun spotlighting each child and getting to know each other better.  We played fun games such looking at our classmates baby pictures and guessing who each belonged to.  The class also loved passing around a mirror and saying what made each person special. 

We learned all about our emotions and how to express them.  We learned that it's OK to have happy days and sad days, to laugh and to cry, to feel angry or silly, and to be scared or excited.  We had fun using masks to show off how we were each feeling.

 We started our "centers" this week.  At our Math Center we worked on our counting skills by decorating birthday cakes with the correct number of candles to match our age.  We then improved our number recognition by choosing the correct wooden number and writing it.   

At our Play Dough Center we practiced our literacy skills by rolling out dough to write the letters of our names. 

At the beginning of the year we work on simple tasks such as how to form a proper line and how follow the leader.  We introduced our V.I.P. program this week.  We will check our classroom mailbox at circle time each day to find out who the Very Important Person of the day is.  That person will have special responsibilities such as leading the class in the pledge of allegiance, being the line leader, and special teacher helper.   

The kids were excited to find a fun surprise visitor at our closing circle this week.  Robert's Grandma Joeen brought Robert's new baby kitten to class.  The kids absolutely loved baby Bella!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome Week

It's back to school and our 'Welcome Week' went awesome.  We have such a fun new class and I couldn't be happier to start a new year with this enthusiastic bunch.  I am also excited to have a full time room mom this year whom I absolutely adore, (my sister-in-law) Stephanie Seaton! Welcome Teacher Stephanie and welcome to our new students Audrey, Tyler, Camryn, and McKayli!