Sunday, November 28, 2010

Field Trip to Dentist Office

We are lucky because two of the kids in our class have a dentist for a daddy.  So after a few days of playing dentist for dramatic play we all went to Emerald Valley Dental Office for a fun filled field trip.  All of the kids really enjoyed getting a chance to play with all of the cool dental tools and each took turns getting a check up in the chair.  The highlight was picking a prize out of the treasure chest at the end.  A big thank you to Dr. Anderson and Dr. Bahen and their staff at Emerald Valley Dental for making our experience so special. 

Before our trip we brushed up on brushing our teeth.  For science we soaked hard boiled eggs in cola for 24 hours and saw how brown they turned the egg (which we pretended was a dinosaur tooth). Then we all took turns brushing the "dino teeth" until they were clean again. We talked about the effects of soda and candy on our teeth.  We also made model teeth out of cut up soda and propel bottles and used twin to link them all together to look just like teeth.  We then used shaving cream as tooth paste and practiced brushing.  So fun....and so messy!

Riley was one of our best brushers!

 Doesn't Robert look like a child on a dental add for perfect smiles! So cute!

Pretty teeth Camryn!We found out that she is special because she has an extra tooth!

Having fun with tools!

Elizabeth was so funny.  She was nervous when we first got here and kept saying "I don't want to brush my teeth!" She warmed up after awhile and loved playing with this light tool.

Squirting water.

 Kai was the only one brave enough to get his picture (Xray) taken.

All the class waiting for the Xrays to come up.  

Look at Kai's teeth!

Even Blakely got to come. She loved the assistant chair.

 Dr. Daddy with his little Sweet pea!

Yay...Treasure! Who doesn't love picking prizes?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

As a class we studied bears and each child brought a teddy bear friend from home to accompany them at school. They each had the responsibility of teaching their teddy bear the subjects we were learning.  It was so fun to watch them as little teachers and they were so cute and really worked hard. For science we learned all about hibernation.  We made a big bear cave and took turns putting our bears inside for their "winter nap".  For dramatic play we had tons of fun hosting a teddy bear picnic.  We read stories to our bears and had our bears help us pretend to read our picnic list.  For our literacy application the kids worked to create their own stories. We made our own books about what we would take on a picnic and had a real carpet picnic during snack time that the kids loved.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I was so sorry to have to cancel class this past week due to my beloved grandfather's passing.  Thank you everyone for all your understanding! We love Grandpa Hopper and will miss him more than words can express. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

Theme for November

This month our main focus will be discussing food and Thanksgiving.  We will carry this theme into our dramatic play.  Dramatic play activities will include picnic, pizza parlor, dentist (which is related to food/eating), and grocery store.  We will have a field trip to the dentist's office on Wednesday Nov 17th. We will also have a mock thanksgiving feast. We will learn the historic Thanksgiving story (pilgrims and Indians), good manners, and all about food and healthy eating. 

Some important dates to note:

Thurs Nov 11th- We will have class in order to make up for last week.  We will do a special 'food show and tell'.  Please allow your child to bring an unusual food item to share about.

Wed Nov 17th- Dentist office field trip

Thurs Nov 18th- We will also have class as a make up.  This will be a special 'backwards' day.  Please send your child in pajamas. We will do everything backwards and opposite of our normal schedule.  We will also watch a fun movie together as a special treat!

Wed Nov 23rd- Mock Thanksgiving feast.  We will dress up and role play the first Thanksgiving. 

Thurs Nov 24th- No class...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Pumpkin Patch

What a perfect day to visit the farm. It was cold, crisp, and sunny! We all enjoyed feeding the goats, riding the tractor, taking a long hayride around the farm, and of course picking out our pumpkins.  We even got to play at the park as an added bonus when we finished.  I love autumn! A big thanks to all of the parents who helped make our field trip so fun!